New Payroll software – Sage One Payroll 25


What’s new?

Sage One Payroll 25 is a new product in the cloud product family which is available as an online version and is pension auto-enrolment ready.  Sage have also made improvements to the user interface for this software.

Sage One Payroll 25 allows users to manage up to maximum of 25 employees, enabling flexibility when recruiting part-time or seasonal staff as well as managing business expansion.

Is it suitable for my business needs?

Recording and updating P11 records, the software is specifically designed for small businesses, which may not have the required skills to operate an efficient payroll system in-house. The software automates the following processes, making it much easier for a non-payroll specialist to use:

  • Automatically updates any regulatory changes
  • Calculates required statutory payments for the business
  • Payroll year-end tool for HMRC reporting

All information can also be easily accessed by your accountant and adjusted if necessary.

What does it cost?

Sage One Payroll is RRP £25 pcm for up to twenty-five employees when purchased from Sage direct. The discounted price through us is £22.50 per month for the first 12 months. Both prices include 24hr product support, 365 days of the year.

For further information and discounted offers for purchasing this and other Sage software give us a call on 01473 530235 or get in touch here.

We also offer nationwide training programs here.

Need more info?

Watch the product overview video for Sage One Payroll below:


Disclaimer: The information in this article was correct at time of publishing. The information source used in this article was Sage Business Communities.

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