Simple Stress Management Tips

Is your inbox already full, the phone always ringing and you feel like you are adding two more things to your ‘to do’ list for every one you cross off…?

Why not start 2017 as you mean to carry on and try these simple stress management tips.

1 Take a breath

It’s been said before but there is nothing more calming and grounding than focusing on your breathing!

Taking a few deep breaths is a great way to allow you to stop, focus your thoughts and enable you to work through tasks one at a time.

Some great techniques for breathing and other ideas to help calm and focus the mind can be found here.

2 Keep moving

Are you starting to feel tired, drained of energy or overwhelmed? Getting up and moving about is a great way to break the cycle.

On bright winter days top up your Vitamin D levels and get the blood moving by taking a brisk 5-minute walk outside.  Why not take the long route to a meeting or take the stairs instead of a lift?  Or even better go and speak to a colleague instead of picking up the phone or sending an email.

Time away from your desk also helps to clear your mind and enables you to look at issues with a fresh pair of eyes!

3 Get Connected

We all have someone in our lives who helps us to see things from a more positive viewpoint.  Whether it is another colleague, a friend or a family member.

On those difficult days, establishing a positive connection with someone can be a great way to bring issues back into perspective. You may talk for a few minutes about something you are looking forward to or share a funny story.

This simple technique can help to restore a positive attitude for you and those around you too!

4 Time out

Even the most focused mind will wander from time to time. With many people in the office for more than 8 hours a day embracing distractions as part of the working day can have a positive effect on mood and help you to re-focus.

Why not read a few pages of a favourite book at lunchtime or during a coffee break.  Book marking a few ‘safe-for-work’ websites can be a great way to keep up to date with current affairs, lighten the mood with amusing articles, learn a new skill or find out about local events near you.

Here are some ideas to try!

Disclaimer: Information sources used in this article include the following websites:

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