10 Benefits of Cloud Accounting with Sage Live

10 Benefits of Cloud Accounting with Sage Live


Find out about the 10 Benefits of Cloud Accounting with Sage Live.

1 Flexibility


You can access your accounts online anytime, anywhere. The beach, the bar, the bedroom, the Golf course! All you need is an internet connection.

2 Efficiency


Sage Live is simple to use and can eliminate the need for spreadsheets and lengthy paperwork as well as automating repetitive tasks.

3 Accessibility


You can share information online easily. With your accountant, bookkeeper, bank, business partner. Share your data with whoever, whenever!

4 Making Decisions


Year-end historical data becomes a thing of the past. Welcome to running your business with real-time information.

5 Clear Desk


No need for manual and paper based systems clogging up your desk!  Free up space in your office!

6 Stress Free Accounts


Keep the tax man happy with software and systems that are fully compliant with HMRC.

7 Peace of Mind


Everything is safely and securely backed up in the cloud.  So no more worries of disk crashes, document loss or computer theft.

8 Cost Effective


With the cloud, your software is always automatically kept up to date – for free.  Say goodbye to manual software updates.

9 Grows with Your Business


Your online accounting software grows with your business. No limit on the number of monthly transactions

10 Support when you need it


Access to telephone or email support when you need it.

Sage Live is the world’s first real-time accounting solution built on Salesforce platform. Sage Live is fully cloud-based, so you get all of these 10 immediate benefits to your business. With Sage Live you and your team are always connected to what’s happening across your business.

Disclaimer: Content for this article was taken from an infographic created by Paul Donno, 1 Accounts Online

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