MTD Upgrade to v25 of Sage 50

Thinking about a Sage 50 version 25 MTD Upgrade?

We’ve had a number of phone calls from clients wanting to upgrade to Sage 50 version 25 in order to be compatible with the upcoming MTD requirements.

The good news is that if you’re already a Sage user, the price you pay should be lower than the RRPs you may already have seen on the Sage website.  Rather than paying the new software price, you will probably only have to pay the reactivation price, significantly discounted from the RRP.

To ensure that you pay the lowest price possible when you contact us to upgrade, it’s helpful to have the type, the version number and the serial number of your existing software ready – these can be found in your Sage program by selecting Help on (found at the top of your Sage screen on the right), then About to bring up the relevant information screen.

It’s also important to decide whether you want a subscription or perpetual licence. We are recommending monthly subscriptions to all of our clients for a number of reasons:

1) Cash flow – the cost of a perpetual licence is high compared to subscription. With a perpetual licence, you will also require SageCover Extra (an annual fee), plus monthly payments – currently £25 – for the MTD option.

2) Stay up to date – a subscription should always be the latest version of software.

3) Stay compliant – a subscription should always be compliant with any new HMRC requirements.

Contact us to speak about options and the latest prices of your chosen solution.

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One Comment on “MTD Upgrade to v25 of Sage 50”

  1. I am looking to buy a CD version as I use a laptop for one Company and not connected to internet. Accountans submit Vat to HMRC from Back up and they deal with opening balances re year end etc
    Await reply please

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