Are you utilising automation within your business?

Technology is evolving at such an incredible pace, it seems to pick up momentum and just keep revolutionising. It’s crucial for businesses to embrace the change in technology and utilise it to their advantage to ensure the running of an efficient business.

The introduction of automated processes has had a massive impact on processes and procedures within organisations. Automation can eradicate repetitive administrative tasks and optimise time, freeing up resources that can be used elsewhere within the business.

Removing the mundane tasks from someone’s workload frees up their time to give them more interesting assignments which will motivate staff further and increase their productivity levels.

Automation eradicates inaccuracies, taking people out of the equation means no room for human error, and let’s face it we all make mistakes!

Here at Sage Accounts Solutions we are embracing automation and we are here to help you do the same.

Save time and money with AutoEntry for Sage 50 Accounts!

This could be the end of batching piles of invoices and tracking down missing credit card receipts. Free up time and save money with AutoEntry for Sage 50.

What is it and what does it do?

AutoEntry uses OCR (optical character recognition) software to automate document entry by extracting data from invoices and receipts and then inputs them directly into your Sage 50 software.

It  can also download your bank statements into csv format for import into Sage.

AutoEntry is also able to recognise supplier statements and identify any missing transactions

Documents can be scanned to your AutoEntry email account or emails from your suppliers can be redirected to your AutoEntry inbox ready for uploading to Sage. Duplicate documents will be recognised and flagged.

The software identifies key data from your invoices and creates an import for your Sage software. During the initial use period AutoEntry “learns” about your suppliers and their documents to increase the automation process as time goes on. At first, you will give AutoEntry basic information such as the supplier account code and the nominal ledger code for the invoice being processed. AutoEntry will remember this information and automatically apply it to new documents. Any item lines can be changed prior to import if required.

The initial “learning” period for AutoEntry is typically three to six months, depending on the volume of transactions being processed.

Multi-line invoices? Not a problem for AutoEntry! Invoices with multiple item lines will be recognised and processed, different lines and item types can be coded to different nominal ledger accounts.

No data is imported into Sage until it has been approved by the user and any details can be changed prior to the data import.

Online Suppliers

Many suppliers have already joined up with AutoEntry (and more are joining every month) to allow direct access to their web portals, eg: British Gas, BT. Enter your login details and AutoEntry will download your invoices for you.

Purchase Order Processing/Invoice Matching

At present this feature is not available but an update is due soon which will enable AutoEntry to match your incoming invoices with Purchase Orders. More details will be available in Autumn 2020.


Say goodbye to chasing staff for credit card or expense receipts! Whilst out-and-about they can simply take a photograph or scan a copy of their receipt and forward it direct to AutoEntry via the mobile app. It will be held in their individual expense account to be approved by the designated manager and then postings will be made by AutoEntry to the relevant nominal codes.

Interested? (who wouldn’t be?)

Contact us to arrange a free trial and access exclusive discounts should you decide to sign up.

Not sure if it is for you?

A member of our team (who shall remain nameless!) has a very traditional outlook on all things accounting and was extremely impressed by the capabilities and accuracy of this software. Why not book a free demo to see if it can impress you too?

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