What’s New (and what’s disappearing!) in v27 of Sage 50 Cloud Accounts?

It’s out with the old and in with the new for v27 of Sage 50 Cloud Accounts. After listening to their customers’ requirements Sage have made some exciting changes to Access Rights and a new improved Sage ID service will be introduced from March 2021.

As well as implementing new features they have removed features which were reported to be rarely used such as;

  • Task Manager
  • Nominal Graphs
  • Dashboards
  • Phone Dialer
  • Process Maps
  • Configuration XMLS

Sage have improved Sage Drive which has been given a new name of ‘Remote Data Access’ with improved features and functionality.

Access Rights has also been given a new name of User Management, which gives better control over who has access and how much they can see.

What’s new?

Company Set-Up Improvements

The company set-up process has been streamlined so it’s less complex and easier to use. The menu now displays 4 simplified options, making the process of adding a new company or linking to an existing one much more straightforward.

Custom Alerts

Following on from customer feedback Sage discovered that custom alerts were in high demand for existing software users. 

 Alerts are available to use within the following areas; Customers, Suppliers and Products and there are different options as to which processes will generate the alert.

Alerts are entered as text and can be set to appear as either a pop-up or an embedded reminder. The pop-up option means a user must acknowledge they have seen the alert by clicking “OK” to clear the message from their screen before proceeding.  These notifications will be useful to add notes such as delivery address preferences, or that a product is out of stock or discontinued with a given supplier. They can be set-up to appear when raising invoices, creating quotations and purchase/sales orders. 

User Management

Previously named, “Access Rights” the User Management feature enables you to define a user’s access rights at the point of creation and amend as and when required. You can control who has access and how much they can see. You can allow remote access for 3rd parties such as Bookkeepers and Accountants and also allow them to grant access to their team members when needed. It gives you the added feature of seeing all users and active sessions in one place. To grant access to Sage Drive you no longer have to log in to the Sage Drive Management Centre separately, all User Management functions can now be accessed within Sage 50 Accounts for your convenience.

One of the great new features in User Management is the ability to force a new user to change their initial password (created by the person setting up the User) when they sign in for the first time.

Sage ID

Prior to v27 there were 3 separate processes in place for Cloud Services; Sage Drive, Bank Feeds and Invoice Payments, all of which required unique Sage ID’s. All 3 of these processes have been merged together so that only one Sage ID is required in v27, making the processes easier to use and more accessible. Not only will this be the case for new ID’s but it will also be possible to merge existing ID’s. To access this feature you will need to upgrade after March 2021, whereas all other new features are accessible now.

It will also be easier to retrieve a password or the Sage Drive (now Remote Data Access) passphrase if one of your team members forgets theirs.


For users who only wish to access data once per month or once a quarter, there is an added feature which allows you to pause or resume syncing on Sage Drive at your own convenience, as and when required.

If you have been putting off upgrading your software now is the time to do it, v27 has some great features not to be missed! To discuss upgrading to version 27 of Sage please get in touch, we will be more than happy to accommodate!

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