How to add festive cheer to your invoices

As Christmas is quickly approaching we thought it would be great to tell you about adding some Christmas cheer to your Sage 50 Accounts invoices. There’s nothing like a personal touch on your invoices to put a smile on your clients face and help them to get into the Christmas spirit during these difficult times.

You can easily add a Festive Image or Christmas Greeting to your invoices using the Sage 50 Report Designer.

Log into Sage 50 Accounts and follow these easy steps to launch the Report Designer and edit your layout:

  1. Go to Invoices and Credits
  2. Highlight an invoice and click print
  3. Select ‘Layout’
  4. Highlight the layout you want to use and click edit – this will launch the Sage 50 Report Designer software
  5. To add an image click add image or logo, this can be found via the toolbar menu or at the top of your main screen
  6. Click in the space where you wish to position the image and choose browse my PC and select your image (the dropdown list shows your supported file types). You will probably need to resize it by dragging the edges.
  7. To add a festive greeting to your invoice, click in the space where it needs to go and select ‘Add Text’ 
  8. Stretch the box to enlarge it and type your text and drag to position, you may wish to change your font and colour, or align the text which can be located in the toolbar at the top.
  9. Hit save as, and your design will be located in the layout folder within Sage 50

Here’s a video to talk you through it:

Make your invoices stand out from the crowd, so that your clients will remember that personal, festive gesture.

This week’s masterclass will talk you through how to add a festive greeting to your email settings. If you’re not signed up already, don’t miss out:

There is so much more to Layout Design within Sage 50 so we put together a course on how to create a professional looking layout with step-by-step tuition. Delivered live over 4 weeks with real world examples and a live Q&A session. For more information about our Sage 50 Layout Design course, click below:

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