New Year, New Sage Resolutions!

I’m sure we all sit and debate over what New Year’s resolutions we should make, and whether or not they are realistic enough to achieve. So instead this year, why don’t we all make a resolution to get our Sage 50 Software in order?

As accountancy professionals our Sage 50 software is what we use the most, and the more efficient it is, the better our workflow efficiencies will be. Getting round to all the housekeeping you’ve been thinking of doing in your Sage software but haven’t may sound like a chore, but making the time to get things in order will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

For example we all have old customer and supplier accounts still listed, which should really be made inactive or we have addresses listed in all different formats. Please refer to our previous blog, ‘Has your Sage got OCD?’ for further information on how to be more consistent with your data. 

Maybe your customer invoice layout or email settings need a bit of a revamp? Your invoices play an important part in your brand’s advertising, make sure your invoice stands out to your clients and of course gets paid on time too! If you struggle with layout design why not take a look at our Layout Design Course? Our first intake of the year is already under way, so why not register your interest for the next enrolment?

You can also read our previous blogs to guide you through adding personal messages to your payslips and including images on your invoices.

Now is the time to review any anomalies on the ledgers that shouldn’t be there – such as: customers bad debts to write off and supplier under or overpayments.

Automatically schedule your Sage backups 

You can save time by automating your Sage 50 Accounts back ups. Log in as ‘manager’ and then go to:

  1. File menu
  2. Schedule back up
  3. Amend your settings as needed 

Tip: Make sure that wherever your Sage backups are being backed up to is also backed up in case of fire or flood etc!

Checking your Sage Software for Errors, Warnings & Comments

Running a check data routine regularly or when you backup is good practice, you can also run it when you schedule a backup

If you do hit an issue when you do the check data and your Sage has errors that you are unable to fix or Sage tech support tell you that you need to revert to the last known good backup, get in touch as we may be able to salvage things!

Use this year to get your Sage 50 Software in order! If you need any further guidance please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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