OCR technology to help bookkeepers

OCR is a method of transforming data digitally. Whether it be handwritten documents, images or receipts OCR software will convert your documents so that they can be saved electronically. 

OCR is now everyday life for most bookkeepers and accountants. In these modern times, most have steered away from ‘shoe box’ receipt archives. With the latest software such as AutoEntry, Dext, Hubdoc and such like you can easily upload your receipts with the snap of a camera, where they will be stored safely rather than amongst a pile of other paperwork, just waiting to be misplaced.

You can easily scan, upload, drag and drop or even send your documents to a dedicated inbox within your software in order to transform them into PDF files. This then means you are able to share with others via email, display on websites or just to simply save to your archives. 

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OCR technology is evolving all the time and you could even have a company card which uses OCR technology too. Pleo is a prepaid card which you can load so that your employees can use it for their expenses. The great thing about it is, that once they use the card they will be prompted by the app to upload a copy of the receipt. If they don’t do it straight away they will get reminders to ensure that they don’t forget. It’s perfect for keeping track of expenses and you can even put a limit on what they spend in one transaction. It also integrates with your Sage software to ensure you never miss a beat!

It’s not just your accounting software which is capable of OCR technology, there is so much more to it. Have you ever converted a document to a PDF or downloaded a PDF from a third party and wanted to edit it? Software such as Adobe can help you to do just that, I mention Adobe as everyone has heard of it, it’s the most commonly used, although there is plenty of similar software out there to support you with your document converting. You can even get access to free software, it may not be as advanced as the software you would pay for, but it may just do the trick.

If you need some guidance on what OCR technology can do for your business then please get in touch.


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