What you need to know about Sage Salary and Supplier Payments

In just a few clicks within your Sage software you can securely pay all of your Salary and Supplier payments, but what are the benefits?

Saves time and reduces errors

Your staff and supplier payments can be submitted directly from your Sage software which means you don’t have to manually re-enter information such as bank details and it’s not necessary to export or re-import payment files. This eliminates human error and the risk of duplication.

You can also notify your payees via an email notification from within your Sage software, giving you extra time to concentrate on your business.

Seamless Integrations

Sage Salary and supplier payments integrate with your Sage software so that you can pre-populate your payment schedules. No more re-entering of information, taking out the duplication of tasks and avoiding human error. Your salary and supplier payments will be more streamlined than ever before!

Be confident your payments are secure

You can control your user’s access rights to ensure that only the essential people can view and approve payments. You can be confident that the payment gateway within Sage is secure and trustworthy and all instructions will be handled safely.

Access Anywhere

As Sage Salary and Supplier Payments integrate with your cloud software; 

  • Sage 50cloud Accounts
  • Sage 50cloud Payroll

You can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection and the software is also compatible on tablets and mobile devices. You can adjust your settings to suit your requirements, receiving email notifications or mobile alerts when payments are ready to be authorised and you can even process them on the go, so no need to wait to be back at your desk. 

Stay in control of your payments

By integrating Sage Salary and Supplier payments it means you can manage your payments in one place making it easier to manage your cash flow. It’s easy to check any scheduled payments, payments which have already been made or that are awaiting authorisation. You can be confident that your payment is being sent to the right place with the sort code and account number validation feature which will highlight any discrepancies before the payment is submitted. You can make same day payments using the Faster Payments option or schedule them for the day which they are due to be paid.

For further information about how to integrate Sage Salary and Supplier Payments within your Sage 50cloud software, please get in touch.


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