How we interpret data

We all interpret data in our own ways. For example I’m a visual person, I would much rather see a dashboard with images and graphs than a list of text. We’re all different and where one thing works for one person, it doesn’t always work for another. 

Ask yourself, do you like graphs and pretty charts or black and white numbers?

We all fall into one of these categories. As Bookkeepers’ we’re no strangers to a good spreadsheet, but if you’re a person who likes colour and dashboards then Excel can become mundane and boring (unless you jazz it up – more on that another time!), meaning that interpreting the data can feel like a chore. Using Roveel with your Sage software can bring your reports to life, making it a pleasure to produce your reports and drill down into the information and data.

The psychology behind it

Data tells a story but we only get the right picture if we process it correctly when looking at it. Your brain will process things much more quickly and efficiently if the text is broken up into chunks or there are visuals which are pleasing on the eye which you will remember. That’s why visual elements, such as graphs, charts and tables are produced by bookkeepers in order to report back on cash flow forecasting and real time figures in order for the recipient to process and understand.

You can monitor your company’s performance with Roveel giving you instant visibility. It takes only 10 minutes to connect your Sage data and you can invite your team along too for no extra cost! With unlimited user access you don’t need to worry about how big your team grows, you can all collaborate together seamlessly. 

I’d love to hear back from you as to whether you’re a visual person like me or if you would much rather read a good old chunk of data! Send me an email and let me know


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