How can Satago help me with my cash flow?

If there’s something we all hate doing, it’s chasing invoices! Let’s face it, we don’t want to have to chase people for payment, it’s awkward and not a good use of our time. Satago gives you the option to automate your invoice chasing by integrating with your email. You can set up automated reminders that have that personal touch, so your client doesn’t even need to know that it’s an automated process!

Satago assists you with your cash flow to ensure that you don’t take on new clients which have a bad debt history. The software assesses your risk and updates you on any changes, protecting you from bad debt. 

The software starts from just £25 per month. You can start a free 14 day trial today!

Can Satago Integrate with Sage?

Yes it certainly can, in fact Satago can integrate with most major accounts software providers with a 2 way Sync, in just a few simple steps.

What else can Satago do?

Satago offers credit checking and risk analysis, so you can assess your customers’ financial position and payment habits before you offer them credit.

Satago also provides invoice finance, this means that you can unlock finance from unpaid invoices, so that late payers don’t hold back your cash flow. You can get a quote for this on their website using their online finance calculator.

If you would like further information on how Satago can complement your existing Sage software, or you are looking to upgrade your Sage software then please get in touch! Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

We also have Facebook support groups where people can offer you advice and tips.


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