Are you a visual learner?

The way in which people obtain and recollect information differs from person to person. Some find it easier to absorb information in the form of text and number whereas others (being the majority of people) are more visual, retaining information better when they can physically see something in front of them.

Research shows that the use of graphics, images and videos are more likely to leave a lasting impression in our minds. This is human nature from an early age in our childhood seeing faces on a regular basis and becoming familiar with surroundings is how it all begins. 

People that are visual learners are also more likely to have a photographic memory, having the ability to picture a scene just as it happened, being able to recollect details just as you would if you had a photo in front of you. Remembering things visually is a lot more likely than being able to recall things that you have heard word for word. This is because our minds process light quicker than sound.

This is why the training we provide at Sage Accounts Solutions includes lots of video, images and slide show presentations. Colourful, eye-catching content will keep you captivated and eager to learn more meaning you are more likely to absorb and retain the information.

Remember being at school? The teacher would stand at the front of the class and write on a chalkboard with different coloured chalk, or on a white board with various coloured markers. Using various colours would highlight various aspects of the content they were teaching you, making particular things stand out to you which you would need to remember. If they just stood in front of you talking at you rather than writing things down for you to see, then it’s more than likely you would soon forget what they’ve just said.

Teachers now use interactive boards in classrooms, this gives the children the opportunity to learn visually in all sorts of different ways, such as playing visual games and making learning fun.

Evidence suggests that if learning is fun and visual then not only will you enjoy the learning experience but your brain will be more stimulated in order to process the information. Our live sessions are interactive and interesting, at the end of the day you are choosing to learn, not being made to learn, which makes a big difference to the information you retain.

We also like to update our website regularly with free guides, which give a breakdown of information which is really useful. The glossy designs which are easy on the eye makes the information much easier to process than it would if it was just a black and white boring document.

If you’re a visual learner and eager to learn more about Sage and get support from like minded people with our membership community, sign up to The Boost AcademyTM waitlist now.


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