How to be productive in 2022

After the festive season it’s always difficult to get back into your usual routine. Once you’re in it, it will be like you were never out of it! This time last year we blogged about how to stay motivated whilst suffering from the January Blues. For some inspiration you can read that here. I’m sure that’s still a reality for most! 

This year we’ve decided to focus on helping you to become more productive. There is so much software available for you to choose from to help your working day to be much more productive and efficient, some of which we mention below, but just have a Google and read on for further tips.

Last year we launched our Boost Academy™ which focussed on helping Sage 50 Accounts users with their confidence and efficiency with the software. Doing the accounts can be a lonely place and The Boost Academy™ offers a support network so you have somewhere to turn if you’re ever unsure of something. As part of this membership we answer burning questions from members in order to make their working day much more productive whilst using Sage. But how else can you ensure that 2022 is your most productive year so far?

Time Management

I often bang on about how important it is to remain focussed on a task in hand and have recently shared my experience using the Pomodoro Technique. You can find out more about it here. Time management techniques like this will help you to keep on track and make sure the time you have on a project is as productive as possible. As a business owner or a bookkeeper in practice you will know how time constricted your day/week/month or even year can be! Every second of your day counts, so in order to get some vital time back consider various time management techniques to support you.

Take breaks

Take breaks you say? “What’s a break? How can I have a break when I’m trying to be more productive?”

Research shows that we are more productive when our minds are fresh. Sitting at your desk all day long will only cloud your mind and give you no breathing space to think things through. Taking a bit of time away from your desk for a walk or some fresh air will not only help you to stay motivated but it will clear your mind so you have the time to consider what options you have available, seeing things more clearly. A clear mind will make you much more productive with the time you have. 

Set yourself deadlines

If you have a deadline to meet you work much more efficiently. Writing down your deadline will encourage you to try and beat it and it will make you feel good if you succeed. If a task doesn’t have a deadline it will be something which forever gets shoved to one side, until you have more time, the job will never get done, so hold yourself accountable.


Don’t arrange too many meetings and make sure the meetings you do have are necessary. So many people have meetings about meetings and nothing productive ever comes from them. Instead it just becomes a waste of your time. Set yourself a limit to how many meetings you want per day. You need to leave room for the jobs you need to complete following the meetings as well as the tasks you already have on your list.

Create a to do list

Talking about lists, you will get through so much more in a day if you write yourself a to do list. Every morning before you start work, or maybe every evening when you finish work, create your to do list. Whether this is pen on paper or you use task management software such as Trello or Asana (to name but a few) having your tasks in front of you that you need to get through will ensure your day is productive. If you don’t have the tasks written down for the day ahead you will spend more time thinking about what you have to do next than doing the work. The more efficient you are with your time management the more productive you will be. 

Avoid multi-tasking

Depending on what line of work you are in multi-tasking maybe something you need to be good at. Don’t overload yourself though. Don’t try to complete multiple jobs at the same time. Set time aside to focus on the job in hand. If that means putting your out of office on and switching your phone on to do not disturb then so be it. If something urgent comes up whilst you’re already on another task then make a note of where you are up to and focus on the most important job. You can come back to the job you’re working on. If both need to be done as a matter of urgency, work out your priorities and put all your focus into the one job before moving to the next. If you try to juggle tasks at the same time this is when mistakes will be made and you will be much more unproductive. 

Avoid procrastination

If you’re the type of person who finds it difficult to make a decision it will result in you being less productive with your time. The more time you invest into debating rather than making a decision the less time you will have to focus. That’s why all of the above really matters to help you avoid procrastination. Having a set plan and list to work through will remove any room for deliberation, increasing your productivity. 

We hope you have found our blog useful and you’re now more determined than ever to make 2022 as productive as possible. We would love to hear your story, drop us an email and let us know how you’re going to be more productive in 2022.

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