Using Custom Range in the Activity window to your advantage

At Sage Accounts Solutions we know that many Sage users don’t use the software to its full potential. This is usually due to the fact that you are only familiar with the day to day tasks you need to do within Sage. You don’t necessarily have the time to invest in learning the ropes in order to use the software to your advantage. It can be difficult learning your way around software if you’re not aware of all the features. That’s why we love to highlight tips and advice in our weekly blogs.

When you’re using Sage 50 Accounts and have lots of transactions in your activity windows it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees sometimes! Have you tried using the custom range within your activity windows?

This can be used in any activity window including customers, suppliers, nominal and bank. What the custom range setting allows you to do is either pick a specific transaction number range or specific transaction type and outstanding transactions only (depending on the window you’re in) or a date range.

It’s a great way of, for example, just seeing sales invoices in your customers activity window or just seeing sales payments on account that need allocating to invoices and allows you to filter data by specific types and ranges.

If you haven’t tried it yourself give it a go!

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