Can I show credits as a minus figure on Sage 50 Accounts layouts?

One common mistake made when people receive credit notes is that they mistakenly think they are an invoice as the document hasn’t been reviewed correctly or there is no clear distinction or difference between the invoice or credit note layout.

Sound familiar?!

Did you know it’s possible to edit your invoice layouts in Sage 50 Accounts to show credits as a minus and even display the total in red if the layout type is a credit note?

1) To show the value as a minus, just “sign” the data field. 

We do this by editing the layout in Report Designer. The easiest way to do this for beginners, is to preview your layout and then click the ‘Edit’ button at the top which will launch the Report Designer program:

Once you’re in the Report Designer program you need to make sure you can see the ‘Properties’ box on the right as below:

If you can’t see this, go to the ‘View’ menu and then click on ‘Properties’.

Tip: Check the Properties box isn’t pinned to the side – if it is hover over it and then click the pin to keep it sticky and always visible.

To sign your total data field as a negative for credit notes, highlight the data field and then in the ‘Properties’ area go to the ‘Appearance’ section and then amend the ‘Sign’ option to ‘Signed’ in the drop-down list.

2) To show text in red for credit notes, set up conditional formatting.

Let’s look at changing the credit note total to show in red.

Following the same steps above, highlight the data field and then in the ‘Properties’ area go to the ‘Appearance’ section and then amend the ‘Conditional Formatting’ option by clicking on the three dots (ellipsis) to launch the Conditional Formatting window.

Complete the window as below by clicking the ‘Edit’ button:

The ‘Modify Filter’ window will appear:

Complete it as follows:

Click OK and your window should look like this:

We now need to tell it to display or print the total value of this credit note in red.

To do this we click the properties tab of the above window:

Then click on the ‘Text Style’ three dots (ellipsis) to open the ‘Text Style’ window and choose your font, size and colour as below:

Click OK twice to return to your invoice layout in Report Designer.

If this your own layout, click either ‘Save’ to save over the previous version or ‘Save As’ to save a new version.

If you are editing a fixed Sage layout, the save option will be greyed out and you will need to ‘Save As’.

Your layout now looks super! Well done you!

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