Why award nominations are good for business and self belief

Being nominated for an award can take your business to the next level. The nomination alone will get you recognised as the best in your field and will open new doors for you. It will get people talking about you and generate new leads.

Generate new leads

With some business awards when you’re shortlisted or nominated you may get given a logo to display on your website. This is great for your reputation. It’s something to be proud of and displaying it on your social media and website will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Just imagine the audience you will reach if you actually win!


Being recognised as a potential candidate for an award, means you’re doing a fab job! Not only will it demonstrate to your ideal client that you’re the person they should come to, it also gives your confidence a boost. All the hard work you’ve invested into your business is finally paying off and others are seeing how far you have come. It will give you a great feeling inside.

Client Retention

Not only will being shortlisted for an award widen your audience, it will also reinforce your connection with your current clients. When they see how well you are doing they will be reminded of why they chose your business over the competition in the first place. They will feel proud that they are using an award winning business to strengthen their own. 

Boost Morale

If you have a team behind you an award nomination is a great way to lift your team spirit. Not only is your business being recognised for the award but all the hard work your team put in is being acknowledged too. Letting them know that without them behind you, the business wouldn’t be where it is now, will keep your team motivated and morale will be running high.

Self Belief

We’re all very good at putting ourselves down and seeing our weaknesses. It’s harder for us to recognise all the good things we do. Award nominations will highlight all of your strengths and how that impacts the business and others around you. It’s bound to give you more belief in yourself, especially if you get shortlisted too!

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