Why you shouldn’t be afraid to automate

We live in a world where technology is the centre of what we do. Advanced technology has helped the world of bookkeeping to develop from spreadsheets to cloud software that allows you to access your accounts from the touch of a button. 

Automation can free up time and eradicate monotonous jobs. There’s tasks in every job which people dislike or find boring, but they need to be done as part of the process. Prioritise these jobs for automation, to allow you more time to concentrate on the areas of your business that require your expertise. 

Automation takes too long to set up

Believe it or not, little tasks don’t always take up too much time to automate and bigger jobs will be well worth the invested time. If you add up the time it takes you to do these jobs manually and compare it to the time it has taken to set up the automation, you will see that in the long run you will get so much more time back. 

Automation is expensive

Automation doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact if you use Zapier you can set up various automations for free! 

I’ve also bought a Stream Deck recently which has made my days so much easier! By setting up automations that happen with a touch of a button instead of having to manually do them, it’s been life changing! It’s the little things that make such a difference.

Automation is replacing employees

The prospect of automation may be daunting to your team. This is because they automatically assume that their role is going to be replaced. It’s true that many tasks are becoming automated, but this just means that you can invest more time into training your team to do the more complicated tasks that need the human touch. Introducing automation also takes pressure off of your team. Research shows that the majority of workers feel overwhelmed and overworked, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic. Easing this pressure means that your team will feel more motivated and in turn become more productive. 

You may even find that because your workforce is becoming more productive you may need to hire more people to help!

Automation can’t replace the personal touch but it can help productivity, so as long as you choose the right things to automate, you can’t go wrong!

What automation can I introduce with my Sage 50 Software?


AutoEntry allows you to upload your receipts and invoices so that not only can they all be stored in once place electronically but they can be published to your Sage software for reconciliation. This eliminates human error of misplacing these important documents and ensures that all transactions are accounted for in your accounting software. 


Prepaid cards such as Pleo can integrate with your Sage software. Snap pictures of your receipts and invoices using the mobile app and export the data into your Sage software for reconciliation. It’s also really helpful to have a Pleo card when managing your team’s expenses. No more chasing for missing paperwork and your team no longer has to submit their expenses to get the money paid back. 


Roveel can integrate with Sage to produce insightful reports to assess your company’s performance. It only takes 10 minutes to set up.

If you are sitting on the fence when it comes to introducing automation into your business, I hope this blog has convinced you otherwise. You won’t regret using automation, but you may regret it if you don’t!

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