What is the best way to remotely access my Sage 50 Accounts Software?

We regularly get asked… “What is the best way to remotely access my Sage 50 Accounts software?”. In fact, this very question came up twice this month inside our Sage 50 Accounts Academy membership.

You may be surprised to hear, that our advice isn’t always to utilise the Sage 50 Accounts ‘Remote Data Access’ functionality. There may be other factors which affect the best solution for the user and business.

Did you assume that for every worker that splits their time between both the office and home, you need to have a VPN set up? Does the worker’s computer in the office sit there unused if they are working from home? If so, read on!

Sage’s Remote Data Access or another solution?

There are other simple to set up and cost effective options apart from the Sage 50cloud Accounts Remote Data Access option, especially if you want your worker to be using the computer as if they are sat in front of it!

A few important things to consider are (there may be other questions too, but these are a few of the key ones!):

  • What version of Sage 50 Accounts are you using?
  • Do you want to access a computer elsewhere as if you are sitting in front of it or just be able to access the Sage data?
  • Are there other programs or applications you need to be able access?
  • Does your Sage 50 Accounts software integrate locally or on a server with any other application?
  • Do you need the ability to use a laptop whilst using Sage?
  • Do you have a server drive you need to be able to access?

In a recent Live Q&A session in our Sage Academy membership, we showed our members the remote access software we use in-house called Dualmon and were asked:

“I’ve just paid for a VPN for one of my sales guys to connect into the office, could I use this instead?”

The business had recently paid £65 for the VPN set up for one of their remote workers. With Dualmon it’s currently $9.90 each to remote control 10 computers.

Whilst a VPN setup and connection might be the best solution for you, have you thought about whether an unattended remote access software solution would be an option?

What is unattended remote access software?

Put simply, unattended remote access software allows you to dial in to a computer anywhere in the world as if you were sitting in front of it. 

Imagine you’re holidaying in the Bahamas and need to quickly access your work machine as if you’d transported yourself to your desk… yup, you got it! That’s what this type of software enables you to do.

Now, there are a few options out there that offer the same functionality that we’ve also used and trialled but we love Dualmon for its functionality and price!

You can take a look and even grab a trial here.


Disclaimer: Note that we only recommend software we think would benefit end users. We may receive a referral commission if you decide to purchase the software using our link (we recommended it for ages before realising we had a referral link we could share!).

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