What to do if your Sage 50 Accounts Trial Balance doesn’t balance!

If you’ve ever run off your Trial Balance in Sage 50 Accounts and noticed that your debits and credits aren’t equal to one another, the chances are you have what’s called a bucket corruption.

Tip: Every time you run your Sage Trial Balance, always check that your debits and credits totals are the same!

What is a bucket corruption?

The Sage software creates values for each month in an actuals column for customers, suppliers and nominal records.

Each of these actual values for the months are called ‘buckets’.

What causes a bucket corruption?

A bucket corruption is when the values in a single bucket or multiple buckets do not agree with the record activity for the month or period.

Bucket corruptions in Sage 50 Accounts are very often identified when a user notices that the Trial Balance doesn’t balance!

They may be caused as a result of:

  • Computer crashes
  • Power failures
  • Crashing out of the year-end process (even if it’s ‘Not Responding’)
  • Data import from 3rd party applications
  • Chart of accounts omissions when running the year-end

Can I fix a bucket corruption in Sage 50 Accounts?

Yes, there are steps you can take to try and clear the bucket corruption yourself:

  1. Check when your ‘Clear Audit Trail’ was last run by going to your Help menu and then  About and scroll down to the ‘Configuration Information’ section and see if there is a date on the ‘Clear Audit Trail Date’ line.

If you have cleared your audit trail within the financial year your Sage is set to, print the reports you need before you recalculate as the monthly buckets will be incorrect after recalculting.

  1. In Sage 50 Accounts v18 (2012) and above
  1. Go to your File menu and then select Maintenance (say yes to close open windows).
  2. Choose Check Data 
  3. Then select Recovery Tools
  4. Ensure you take a backup!
  5. Click OK
  6. Then select Recalculate Period Values 
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Close
  9. Click Close
  1. In Sage 50 Accounts v17 (2011)
  1. Take a backup
  2. Go to your File menu and then select Maintenance (say yes to close open windows).
  3. Then select Recalculate

If you follow these steps and are still getting issues, we’d recommend you check your data for errors.

Should the problem persist, just contact us and we can chat to you about how we can help to fix the issues by performing a data repair.


“Any advice relating to accounts or tax should be sought from your tax accountant. Sage Accounts Solutions Limited will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of the information contained herein.”

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