Beat the January Blues

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January can be a difficult month to stay motivated. After the build up to Christmas and the New Year celebrations come to an end, you can start the year with great intentions then by the middle of January the motivation starts to wear off and it can be difficult to stay positive and focused.

Decide your goals

Studies suggest that having goals to focus on helps you to stay motivated and on track.

Have a main goal (whether it is a personal goal or work-related goal) and break that down into small achievable milestones which will eventually lead to you achieving your main goal.

Make sure you set yourself an achievable target and set daily tasks to do to complete your weekly tasks.

Having something to focus on and look forward to will get you through, but break it down and take it step-by-step.

Take regular breaks

It’s important to take regular breaks away from your computer screen. Even if it’s just getting up from your desk to make a cup of coffee, set time aside to leave your computer.

Spending too much time at a computer screen can lead to headaches and poor sleep patterns.

It can also have an effect on your physical health, i.e., back pain and neck pain, so get up from your desk and have a walk around, even if it’s whilst you’re taking a phone call, every little helps.

Keep active and get some fresh air

Try and go outside at least once a day.

Getting fresh air into your lungs raises your oxygen levels, which keeps you more alert. Exercise is not only great for your physical health, but it also dramatically improves your mental wellbeing.

It reduces stress levels, helps with anxiety and improves your sleep quality. It’s also nice to go for a walk for human interaction, saying hello to a stranger or bumping into someone you know can really boost your self-esteem. 

Organise and declutter your workspace

Organising your workspace and decluttering your desk can give you a great boost and lead to better productivity.

Having the wrong posture whilst sitting at a computer can have an effect on your physical health in the long term.

You should have a workspace free of distractions, don’t scroll through social media on your phone unless that’s part of your job role.

Don’t be interrupted by personal phone calls.

All of these distractions will have an impact on the goals you have set yourself and you will only be disheartened if you don’t meet those milestones. Start every day with a positive thought and celebrate even the smallest win.

The importance of personal and professional development

Everyone can benefit from personal and professional development and January is a good time to assess your skills and abilities and consider what your aims are and how you can achieve them, either by training, education or a change in mindset.

If your workplace doesn’t have a PDP process, or you run your own business you may need to look at external support.

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