Do you really need to add more users to your Sage 50 Accounts Software?

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Adding additional users to your Sage 50 software can be an unnecessary expense. Not many people realise that you only need to add more users if the people using the software are accessing it at the same time.

For example, if you have two employees who job share and there is no overlap with use of the software, then you only need one user on your licence for both of them (they can still have their own username to log on to the software!).

Before considering adding more users to your Sage software, work out how many users will be required at any one time before making the decision.

When moving from 2 to 3 users this could mean a leap from the Sage 50 Accounts Standard package to Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Ask yourself – do you need all the added extras that Professional will give you? If your additional users just need to read the data and don’t need to input data then the upgrade could work out too expensive for what you need.

This is where Roveel, could come in!

Roveel takes just 10 minutes to connect to your Sage 50 Accounts software and gives you instant visibility of your data so that you can monitor your performance and look at your reports.

With unlimited users Roveel can often wok out more cost effective than upgrading your Sage software. 

Take a look at an interview that I recorded with Mark Donaldson, CEO of Roveel. The video below shows how the product came to life, why it was created and how you can use it for your business.

We touched on how it can save costs on software licences as well as giving you a run through on how it works.

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