Sage 50 Payroll year end software update

A new Sage 50 Payroll update will be available in March 2023. There are a few steps that you will need to complete to make sure that your installation goes smoothly.

Look out for a pop-up from the Sage Advice Centre when you open your software. You will also receive an email from Sage to let you know when it is ready.

The update will be optional at first, but it will be made mandatory shortly after the release to ensure that your software is compliant with payroll legislation for the 2023/24 tax year.

Here are some steps you should complete to make sure that your installation goes smoothly:

  • Check that your anti-virus software doesn’t conflict with your payroll software

Some anti-virus software can quarantine Sage 50 Payroll files which can prevent you from completing your installation. Make sure you are using a fully updated version of your anti-virus software before you begin your installation.  

  • Optimise your data to reduce the size of your backups in Sage 50cloud Payroll

It also helps to maintain organised, error-free data, which will improve reporting and performance. It is recommended that you run this routine every time you open your data and before you install a software update.

  • Take note of your Program Directory
  • Click Help, then About
  • Take note of the Program Directory
  • Take a backup of your data in Sage 50 Payroll

Make sure you back up before and after you update your payroll and before you make major changes to your records. Back up to a couple of locations, such as a USB and a server to keep your data secure.

  • Check your system requirements for Sage 50 Payroll

This includes: –

  • Operating system
  • Computer specifications
  • Network specification
  • Office integration
  • Display settings

Once you’ve checked that your computer meets the system requirements for Sage 50 Payroll, you can then begin installing it and begin processing.

Remember to also check your HMRC submissions in Sage 50cloud Payroll.Make sure that you view and reconcile the figures that you send HMRC in your Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Summary (EPS) each period.

If you require any more information on the steps you should take you can find out more here.

Sage will be running free live webinars from the beginning of March to help with the installation and update to help you prepare for your year end.

You can also download one of our year end free guides for help and guidance when running your payroll year end.


“Any advice relating to accounts or tax should be sought from your tax accountant. Sage Accounts Solutions Limited will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of the information contained herein.”

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