What should I do if I get the message “Warning – Data Corruption?”

Occasionally Sage 50cloud Accounts data can become corrupted. There are many reasons this can occur. “Best Practice” is to run the Check Data option regularly and make sure any issues are resolved as soon as they are identified.

How do I run Check Data?

To run Check Data when I’m not performing a backup:

  • Click File, click Maintenance and click Check Data.

What should I do if I get the message “Warning – Data Corruption”?

If you run the Check Data option and it shows errors, or you see one of the following messages when you open your software, ideally you should stop processing until you fix the errors. This is because your data may be inaccurate and further corruption may occur. 

If you see one of the messages above, click Run repair or Check data and view errors.

Any issues with your data are listed on the File Maintenance Problems Report as errors, warnings or comments:

  • Errors – it is advisable you stop processing until they have been resolved and no longer appear.
  • Warnings – we recommend that you fix these before continuing.
  • Comments – these are for information only; we recommend you check these from time to time.

In Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 and above, you can click Run Repair to run an automatic repair. If your File Maintenance Problems Report doesn’t show any errors at this point, then your data is fixed and you can continue using your software as normal. Any corruption banner or messages on start-up will disappear after your next scheduled backup.

However, some errors and warnings are not fixable using the tools and instructions available through the Sage website and require a specialist repair technician.

Continuing to use Sage data that has errors is unwise as you may end up losing even more data, causing more errors or warnings, and make your data unusable.

Should you have any Sage data problems, we can help you.

We offer a Sage data repair service.

We try where we can to repair your data around your working hours, so you’re not without your Sage data for too long.

What kind of Errors & Warnings can we repair?

  • Just about every kind of error that is reported by Sage’s Check Data routine.
  • Obscure errors that are not reported by Check Data.
  • The infamous “You must restore from a backup” error message.
  • SOP, POP, and Invoice module Linkage Corruption – often reported as a Warning on Check Data.
  • Errors that cause Check Data or other parts of Sage to hang.
  • Stock Allocations and Quantities Used.
  • Transaction 0.
  • Aged Balance warnings.
  • Many other types of error

If you would like more information on our data repair service contact us.


“Any advice relating to accounts or tax should be sought from your tax accountant. Sage Accounts Solutions Limited will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of the information contained herein.”

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