Being a Disability Confident Committed Employer

In today’s diverse and evolving workforce, creating an inclusive environment is no longer just a moral imperative. One crucial aspect of fostering inclusivity is being a Disability Confident Committed employer.

What is Disability Confident?

Disability Confident encourages employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people. It was developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives to make it rigorous but easily accessible – particularly for smaller businesses. The scheme is voluntary and access to the guidance, self-assessments, and resources is completely free.

The 3 levels are designed to support you on your Disability Confident journey. The 3 levels are:

  • Disability Confident Committed Employer (Level 1)
  • Disability Confident Employer (Level 2)
  • Disability Confident Leader (Level 3)

Accreditation for a Disability Confident Committed Employer lasts for 3 years. If during that period, you have progressed to a higher level then the 3-year period will restart at the new level. If you reach the end of the 3-year period without progressing, you will be able to renew your accreditation.

What benefits can Disability Confidence have for Employees and Employers?

Being “disability confident committed.” Indicates an employer’s unwavering dedication to promoting equality, diversity, and accessibility within the workplace. This commitment is not just about complying with legal requirements. A disability confident committed employer demonstrates a genuine interest in the well-being and professional development of all employees, fostering a positive work culture.

By investing in training and development programs tailored to individuals with disabilities, employers empower their workforce, boosting morale, and overall job satisfaction. It can also open doors to a diverse pool of talent.

By hiring individuals with disabilities, employers can tap into a wealth of skills, experiences, and perspectives that can drive innovation and problem-solving.

How can employers create an inclusive workplace?

An employer committed to disability confidence makes it a priority to create an inclusive workplace, such as assistive technologies or flexible work arrangements, to ensure that individuals with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of their roles.

A disability confident committed employer goes beyond removing physical barriers by addressing attitudinal and societal barriers as well. They actively challenge stereotypes and biases associated with disabilities, fostering an environment where individuals with disabilities are seen as valuable contributors and not limited by their impairments.

Here at Sage Accounts Solutions, we are proud to be a Disability Confident Committed employer. We found the process very straightforward.

You find out more about being a Disability Committed Employer here.


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