How to prepare to bring your payroll in-house

Do you currently outsource your payroll but you’re considering bringing it in-house? Payroll can be confusing if you’re not sure what you’re doing, so when you first start taking on employees it may be easier for you to outsource this to an outside party. Someone who is an expert in this field.  However, the more your business grows it may … Read More

What is the best way to remotely access my Sage 50 Accounts Software?

We regularly get asked… “What is the best way to remotely access my Sage 50 Accounts software?”. In fact, this very question came up twice this month inside our Sage 50 Accounts Academy membership. You may be surprised to hear, that our advice isn’t always to utilise the Sage 50 Accounts ‘Remote Data Access’ functionality. There may be other factors … Read More

Sage Capture is being discontinued

If you’re a Sage 50cloud Accounts user you may be familiar with the Sage Capture feature, which allows you to upload invoices and receipts straight into your Sage 50cloud Accounts software. Sage has been reviewing their products and services to ensure that they are offering customers the best accounting solutions. This sometimes means that they retire certain features in order … Read More

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to automate

We live in a world where technology is the centre of what we do. Advanced technology has helped the world of bookkeeping to develop from spreadsheets to cloud software that allows you to access your accounts from the touch of a button.  Automation can free up time and eradicate monotonous jobs. There’s tasks in every job which people dislike or … Read More

Why Pleo is perfect for managing business expenses

If you have a team of people that regularly claim business expenses you will know how difficult it can be to make sure that you get all the receipts and invoices. There are various ways that a business can allow their employees to claim expenses. Whether that be by using their own personal credit card and claiming back their expenses … Read More

Why award nominations are good for business and self belief

Being nominated for an award can take your business to the next level. The nomination alone will get you recognised as the best in your field and will open new doors for you. It will get people talking about you and generate new leads. Generate new leads With some business awards when you’re shortlisted or nominated you may get given … Read More

Why you should invest in professional development

If you’re like me you’ll always be looking for ways to improve your expertise or learn new things. If you struggle to get out of your comfort zone in order to learn new things then this can really hinder your chances of either your business being successful or you getting promoted in your current role. You don’t even need to … Read More

Upgrade Sage 50cloud Payroll v28.02 for National Insurance threshold increase

During the Spring Statement Rishi Sunak announced that the National Insurance threshold would be increasing to be in line with the income tax threshold (personal allowance). This will come into effect from 6th July 2022. The threshold will increase by £3000 and employees can earn up to £12,570 before having to pay National Insurance. In order to ensure that your … Read More

Great news for Sage Users: Sage acquires Futrli

Sage has now added Futrli to their growing list of acquisitions, which is great news for Sage users as it will boost functionality of the Sage software adding new features. Futrli will still be available to purchase without Sage software as it already integrates with both Xero and QuickBooks, however it will now be known as ‘Futrli by Sage’. Hannah … Read More

How to streamline your business

Running a business can be difficult. There are so many things to do, and it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you’re like me you can have lots of plates spinning at once, I sometimes wonder how they don’t all come crashing down! Wouldn’t it be great if there were a … Read More