QuickBooks Desktop shutdown looms as accountants ponder alternatives

Intuit has announced that it will discontinue QuickBooks Desktop for UK customers and that full support would only be available until 30th June 2023. This will have a big impact on thousands of UK customers who currently use QuickBooks Desktop. The feeling among users is that they are being forced into using a cloud-based version. Although cloud-based platforms are constantly … Read More

New Changes the to VAT online account from Monday 15th May 2023

From Monday 15th May 2023 there are new changes to the VAT online account, and you will no longer be able to use your existing VAT online account to file your annual VAT returns. All VAT-registered businesses must by law, now use Making Tax Digital (MTD) compatible software to keep their records and file VAT returns. What do you need … Read More

Why should I keep my Sage 50 Accounts software up to date?

Keeping your Sage 50 Accounts software up to date and making sure you install any available updates is essential for the smooth operation of your business. If you are not on the latest version, here are a few reasons why you should be: If you’re not on the latest update for your version find out how to install the latest … Read More

What should I do if I get the message “Warning – Data Corruption?”

Occasionally Sage 50cloud Accounts data can become corrupted. There are many reasons this can occur. “Best Practice” is to run the Check Data option regularly and make sure any issues are resolved as soon as they are identified. How do I run Check Data? To run Check Data when I’m not performing a backup: What should I do if I … Read More

Do you really need to add more users to your Sage 50 Accounts Software?

Woman at computer

Adding additional users to your Sage 50 software can be an unnecessary expense. Not many people realise that you only need to add more users if the people using the software are accessing it at the same time. For example, if you have two employees who job share and there is no overlap with use of the software, then you … Read More

What is the Chart of Accounts in Sage 50?

woman at a desk

One thing that tends to be a bit of a mystery to a lot of Sage 50 users is the Chart of Accounts, so here I’m going to explain the What, Why, When & How. What is the Chart of Accounts? The Chart of Accounts (or COA) is the area of Sage where you configure how your Sage Profit & … Read More

How do you do a Bank Reconciliation in Sage 50?

What is a bank reconciliation? The purpose of a bank reconciliation is to check that your company’s financial records match their bank statements and to ensure charges and interest payments are recorded. This will enable you to produce your own statement to compare the transactions. If they match, then your reconciliation is complete, and you can be confident that your … Read More

What you need to know about Sage Salary and Supplier Payments

In just a few clicks within your Sage software you can securely pay all of your Salary and Supplier payments, but what are the benefits? Your staff and supplier payments can be submitted directly from your Sage software which means you don’t have to manually re-enter information such as bank details and it’s not necessary to export or re-import payment … Read More