What expenses can I claim for meals while out on the road or staying overnight?

Lady walking with suitcase holding a notebook

If an employee or company director is required to travel for work or work remotely for an extended period away from their usual office, their employer might cover expenses such as accommodation, meals, transportation, and other essential costs, referred to as subsistence. Subsistence while working away from the office typically refers to the necessary expenses incurred to sustain oneself while … Read More

Being a Disability Confident Committed Employer

In today’s diverse and evolving workforce, creating an inclusive environment is no longer just a moral imperative. One crucial aspect of fostering inclusivity is being a Disability Confident Committed employer. What is Disability Confident? Disability Confident encourages employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people. It was developed by … Read More

Sage 50 Payroll year end software update

A new Sage 50 Payroll update will be available in March 2023. There are a few steps that you will need to complete to make sure that your installation goes smoothly. Look out for a pop-up from the Sage Advice Centre when you open your software. You will also receive an email from Sage to let you know when it … Read More

Beat the January Blues

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January can be a difficult month to stay motivated. After the build up to Christmas and the New Year celebrations come to an end, you can start the year with great intentions then by the middle of January the motivation starts to wear off and it can be difficult to stay positive and focused. Decide your goals Studies suggest that … Read More

What measures do you have in place to avoid payroll fraud?

We hear every day of cyber criminals stealing from people through online scams. These very sophisticated scammers are now targeting Payroll departments. We had a client recently, who had received an email from what they thought was an employee. The email address appeared the same, it was addressed to the correct Payroll member of staff in the department and was … Read More

Why award nominations are good for business and self belief

Being nominated for an award can take your business to the next level. The nomination alone will get you recognised as the best in your field and will open new doors for you. It will get people talking about you and generate new leads. Generate new leads With some business awards when you’re shortlisted or nominated you may get given … Read More

Which Sage 50 tax code do I use for suppliers not VAT registered?

I posted a question in our free Sage 50 Accounts support group on a topic that I know causes much debate!  The question was: “What Sage tax code do YOU use for suppliers not VAT registered?!” The post had 106 comments!  So, what tax code should you use for suppliers who are not VAT registered? Should the amount, which has no … Read More

How to be productive in 2022

After the festive season it’s always difficult to get back into your usual routine. Once you’re in it, it will be like you were never out of it! This time last year we blogged about how to stay motivated whilst suffering from the January Blues. For some inspiration you can read that here. I’m sure that’s still a reality for … Read More

How to ensure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

Cyber Crime and identity theft is at an all time high, we can’t stress the importance enough of ensuring that your data is protected at every stage of its journey, from the start of the data being transferred to the disposal when it’s finished with. Breaches of the data protection act more often than not only come to light once … Read More