Sage 200

Is it time to upgrade?

Have you outgrown your Sage 50 Software? Do you need more than 20 users?

Is it running too slow? Have you experienced data corruption?

Do you have too many transaction splits in Sage 50 and can’t run reports for month end?

Maybe it’s time to make the change to Sage 200.

Increase your productivity by switching to Sage 200 for a smarter and more efficient way of running your business. Sage 200 is a solution which is available to you 24/7 365 days of the year with no downtime interruptions.

With the power of desktop software that you can access through the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection you can manage your accounts, customers and much more on the go. Give your business the boost it needs by collaborating in real time.

Connect Microsoft 365 to your Sage 200

By integrating your Microsoft 365 account with your Sage 200 software you can access account information straight from outlook perfect for your growing business to become more efficient and productive.

Stay In Control

Sage 200 enables you to manage multiple companies, view key insights and produce reports through Excel, enabling you to keep visibility and control of your business at all times.


With real time accessible ‘on the go’ information you can view your financial status at any point in time, running four key ledgers, Sales, Purchasing, Nominal and Cashbook.

Sage 200 gives you added insights through interactive dashboards, detailed reports, open and closed period accounting with flexible nominal structure. Get access to invoicing, multi-currency, multi-company and Sage 50 Payroll integrations and connect your bank feeds to Sage 200 to streamline your financials.

Excel Reporting

As your business is growing it’s easy to lose sight of your company performance, things can become unclear, but this is the most important time to keep on track of your financial status and business performance. Use the excel reporting feature to ensure that you’re always ‘in the know’ when it comes to your progress and productivity. 

Take your business to the next level! With a single click you can use excel to automatically format neat and of course pretty reports!


Manage your distribution and expand your operations by keeping track of your supply chain, stock management, order and stock processing with the standard solution or if you need batch and serial traceability ‘Professional’ is worth the investment.

Sage Payments

Stay in control of your payments, whether they are domestic or international and pay them directly through your Sage 200 software. You can trust that your payments will be accurate, secure and submitted on time, allowing you to easily manage your outgoings in real time.

E-Invoicing with Sage Pay

You can integrate your invoice payments and use the automatic reconciliation feature to streamline the process, saving you time and ensuring your invoices get paid promptly.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligent feature is only available on the Professional model only. This gives you access to the Sage business Intelligence analysis tool to collaborate your data across every aspect of your business, enabling you to identify customer and product trends and measure performance.

What other added features are included with Professional?

Fully Integrated CRM

This feature allows you to get an insight of your business as a whole, supporting you to deliver excellent customer service and improve customer retention whilst driving your revenue growth.

Project Accounting

Ideal for businesses who sell their services in terms of ‘time’. In a single dashboard you can view all of your projects, allocate project costs, monitor overheads and track progress all in one place. You can produce online timesheets and expenses as well as integrate your Sage 50 Payroll.

Bill of materials

Perfect for businesses involved in light manufacturing assembly, you can monitor and manage your manufacturing processes helping you to break down and simplify confusing processes.


Reduce costs and delivery times, improving your productivity by monitoring your production processes. Co-ordinate your delivery channels and produce automated reports for planning, processing, stock management and much more!

Professional Add-on’s


This add-on will enhance your integration with Excel creating a two way integration between excel and your Sage 200 software. With accuracy and efficiency and a simple click of a button your data will be validated and updated in Sage 200, reducing data processing costs by up to 50%

Sage Inventory Advisor

The ideal add-on to reduce inventory and free up working capital whilst minimising out of stock status therefore increasing revenue.