Paying employees early over the Christmas period

If you are an employer and you pay your employees early over the Christmas and New Year period, it is important to note the current guidance for employers on reporting PAYE information in real time when making payments early during the festive period. In 2019 permanent easement on reporting¬†PAYE¬†information in real time was introduced, as employers may pay their employees … Read More

Employment Allowance is increasing to £5,000

If you are in receipt of the Employment Allowance the good news is, that it‚Äôs increasing from April 2022. The maximum Employment Allowance is currently ¬£4,000 but from April 2022 it will be increasing to ¬£5,000.  Businesses who are eligible for the allowance will be able to claim more against their secondary Class 1 National Insurance liabilities. This means if … Read More